The Story

The Shadowy super coders have started a side hustle dealing on the Solana blockchain. They’ve released a collection of 6942 NFT Blotters using art created by Zane Kesey, the son of psychedelic culture icon, artist and founder of the Merry Pranksters Ken Kesey.

Blotters hold unique randomised trip data which is stored on chain. Blotters are also your access pass to the Cyberdelic metaverse where you can score gear from the Shadowy super coders and burn it to experience cyberdelic experiences.


6942 NFT Blotters with unique randomised trips. What does your trip contain?


Your NFT doubles as your membership pass to access the Cyberdelic metaverse and members only community.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Invite only mintpass ensures fair launch. You’ll have to get past the Shadowy super coders first, and you’re gonna need an intro.


When the Shadowy super coders txt, what can you score? And for what sort of trip? It’s not all equal and there’s only so much to go round.

Meet The Dealers

Mr Robot

Mr Robot used to be a dev for Google but got sacked for microdosing lsd at work (and he always smelt of lemon kush anyway). Mr Robot turned his skill set to slinging shitcoins and coding for repetitive generative PFP projects with sick art and amazing communities before deciding the only way he was gmi was to join a top tier project like Blotter NFT.

耂五  (Lao)

Originally from Macau. Used to run an encrypted chat messaging network for the Triads before moving to the US to go legit. Apparently worked for polygon or polychain or one of the polys and was clearly doing well (he got a $600m bonus in August, but decided to give it back or something). Anyway, he’s a top dev and he’s got you covered.

Hector the Director

Strategic executor. Hereditary degenerate. Ex-director of technical infrastructure in the IT department of a tier 1 investment bank. Placed on extended gardening leave under a hush hush deal after redirecting 30% of the banks capital to long BTC without them knowing (worked out in the end though, ay Jamie?).


Who knows what these shadowy super coders might do next?